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    Totally Chlorine Free


Chlorine bleaching creates a by-product called dioxin which is extremely harmful to the environment and health.

Bleaching is used for the materials in products like pads, tampons and nappies, and also for things like paper.

We use the safest possible ‘Totally Chlorine Free’ (TCF) method to clean and purify our organic cotton and pulp before using.

What’s bad about chlorine bleaching?

Chlorine bleaching produces dioxins as a by-product.

Dioxins and Furans are cancer causing chemicals linked to reproductive and developmental problems, hormone disruption and damage to the immune system. A few parts per trillion in body fat can cause serious health effects. Dioxins also build up in the body over time.

‘Elemental Chlorine’ (EC) bleaching creates dioxins and furans as a by-product. These chemicals have serious health and environmental problems.

‘Elemental Chlorine-Free’ (ECF) bleaching doesn’t use cheap chlorine gas, it uses other compounds of chlorine and still creates persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

By contrast, ‘Totally Chlorine Free’ (TCF) doesn’t create dioxins or furans and is the most eco-friendly bleaching method.

A lifetime of exposure

Dioxins are some of the most deadly chemicals created.

They are classified as carcinogenic (cancer causing) by the World Health Organisation. You can find dioxins in pesticides, plastics, detergents, cosmetics and, you guessed it – period products! The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires mandatory testing for dioxin in tampons.

Over a lifetime of use and exposure, residues will build up in the body. Dioxin settles in the fat cells of the body and stay there for decades. Dioxin is found in detectable amounts in any product bleached with any type of chlorine bleach.

The production of dioxins in the manufacture of tampons and menstrual pads not only harms the environment, but exposes users to low levels of dioxins every time a product is used.

It’s Natracare’s mission to reduce exposure to unnecessary toxins and chemical residues. Chlorine-bleached period products have no place near or in the vagina.

We independently test our products for pesticide and dioxin residues to ensure Natracare is delivered worry-free. Natracare has always used the TCF method as this is the safest for both you and the environment.