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Natracare products are made from just a few simple, natural materials:

Organic Cotton

All the cotton we use is 100% organic.

It’s the only ingredient in our tampons, our wet wipes are made with a 100% cotton cloth, and our pads and liners all have an organic cotton cover. Soft, organic cotton is gentle to your skin and lets it breathe.

Sustainable Wood Pulp

The core of our pads and panty liners is made from FSC and PEFC certified sustainable wood pulp. There are no superabsorbents (SAPs) or other chemicals in there, only Totally Chlorine Free, naturally absorbent wood pulp.

Plant Starch

The back layer of our pads and liners is made from GM-free plant starch. It’s a compostable bioplastic that serves as a waterproof layer. We also use this material as a wrapper for some of our pads and liners. This way we don’t need to use plastic.

Many period products contain plastics and chemicals that are far from natural.

When Susie founded Natracare in the 1980s, she spent years researching the very best raw materials that would be healthy for the body and ensured the products worked. It was essential for Susie to use materials that were


Protect the livelihood, homes and health of workers where materials grow or are processed


Looks after the soil, water and air and leaving a soft carbon footprint, and actively promote biodiversity

Health Concious

Only kind and sensitive for intimate skin, soft, free from chemicals of concern to look after your health.